A Resource for the Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US)


PAD-US contains data developed by many partners, including State Steward organizations, federal agencies and national nongovernmental organizations. Click on any state for a more detailed view of that state and to access a fact sheet.  Note that the “complete” ranking means between 90 and 100 percent complete.
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Use the visualization below to explore: Completeness – an estimate of the degree to which all (fee) protected areas are inventoried for the state, plus qualitative consideration for overall accuracy (alignment, attribute completion) of the data.  Estimates of easement inventory completion are available from the National Conservation Easement DatabaseLast Update – the most recent year a state’s data was updated into PAD-US (not all states can be updated every year). Capacity – an qualitative indication of the programmatic robustness of the State Steward (consistency, budget, commitment, etc.).

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