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New Federal Recreation Lands Poster

Data from the upcoming USGS PAD-US 2.0 has enabled the development of a new brochure highlighting federal recreation lands and waters in the U.S. Developed by GreenInfo Network for the National Park Service, the brochure is 32″x 20″. It displays a map of the recreation lands and waters managed by seven federal agencies on one side and provides an overview of each agency and the recreation opportunities it offers on the other side, along with information about Recreation.gov which is the U.S. government’s one-stop recreation reservation site.

Preparing the map involved coordination between the   National Park ServiceForest ServiceU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceBureau of Land ManagementArmy Corps of EngineersBureau of Reclamation, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. To read more about this project, here’s the description on the GreenInfo website.

Thanks to USGS for the provisional release of PAD-US 2.0 federal lands data as the mapping frame for this product!

The finished poster (updated late September 2018), showing front (map) and back (description) sides:

Map image

Download the poster by choosing from these Dropbox links – if Google Drive files are better to access, see that link below:

1. Lower-resolution JPG files of each side of the brochure (zip file with front and back JPGs), for general presentation or other simple uses.

2. Reduced (screen) resolution PDF files of the brochure (front/map and back/description), not appropriate for printing beyond page or possibly tabloid (11″x17″) size – note that when viewing the map side onscreen you may notice font artifacts at certain scales but these do not appear in prints; use the JPGs for display only and these PDFs for small-size prints.

3. Files suitable for printing full-size (32″x20″) on inkjet plotters or using offset printing  – individual PDFs: front/map side (45 mb) and  back/description side (375 mb).  Note: these are CMYK-based files and may show some color variation when printed on different inkjet plotters.  The files include crop marks. If used in offset printing, consider printing with these specifications:   22″ x 30″ final cut sheet, with bleeds on 100# dull or gloss book paper, 4/4+AQ coating. PDF files indicating folding patterns, if desired, are available here.

Google Drive versions of these files are here.  See the 1_Readme..txt file in the folder for details.