A Resource for the Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US)


Collaborative Conservation in the Carribean

The multi-jurisdictional Protected Areas Conservation Action Team (PA-CAT), an alliance within the Caribbean LCC, provides coordinated info and expertise to identify and manage the Caribbean protected areas network.  It establishes an integrated system for the conservation of nature that documents current initiatives and informs strategic conservation action, building from and contributing to PAD-US.

Puerto Rico’s natural resource managers recently celebrated the protection of 16% of its territory, achieved through new acquisitions and inclusion of areas where conservation benefits are now understood.  PAD-US tracks the protected areas network in Puerto Rico, with descriptive attributes and boundaries, making this and other assessments possible.

For more information, see this LCC Network article.   Map below shows Gap Status 1 and 2 lands in darker greens and Status 3 lands in gray.

Photo of reserve area






Map of Puerto Rico