A Resource for the Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US)


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PAD-US and City/Regional Park Agencies

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If you work for  a city parks department or a regional parks and open space district, or for any local public agency, you probably have workable GIS data for your own park holdings. But if you’re looking for what’s around…

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Forest Management is More Effective with PAD-US


The USDA Forest Service’s ForWarn system provides near-real-time tracking of vegetation changes across landscapes in the United States, for both monitoring disturbance events as well as year-to-year variability. This system helps with wildfire, pest management, drought and many other forest…

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Many Views of PAD-US

One of the uses of PAD-US is for explaining public lands and protected areas to very broad audiences.  The Story Maps team at Esri developed a web application on their platform for Earth Day that features PAD-US, to provide just…

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