A Resource for the Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US)


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Wildfire Management Uses PAD-US

Fighting wildfires requires access to lots of geospatial information, which is used to plan and direct on the ground responses, determine responsibility areas (federal vs. state, etc.), track historical information for analysis, etc.  PAD-US data is a crucial part of…

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PAD-US and City/Regional Park Agencies

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If you work for  a city parks department or a regional parks and open space district, or for any local public agency, you probably have workable GIS data for your own park holdings. But if you’re looking for what’s around…

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Forest Management is More Effective with PAD-US


The USDA Forest Service’s ForWarn system provides near-real-time tracking of vegetation changes across landscapes in the United States, for both monitoring disturbance events as well as year-to-year variability. This system helps with wildfire, pest management, drought and many other forest…

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